CBD Oil In New Zealand – Where To Buy + General Overview

There has been a myriad of stores and online shops popping up in recent months selling CBD oil to people in New Zealand.

Kiwis need to be aware of the best online sources for these items so they can purchase with an informed opinion after having done some research.

To start with, there are all of the various sites stocking things like hemp oil & cannabis extracts(and also of course “cannabidiol oil”).

Then there are also dispensaries where these products are sold in places like Auckland and Wellington(also Christchurch has recently begun seeing new CBD vendors). And in between, the CBD plant has to be manufactured into these products to be sold to consumers who are looking for a more natural approach to healing their sick bodies.

The options are endless in selling hemp oil, for instance, since it is the most popular CBD product that people are looking for. CBD oil can be used in different ways, so you are sure to find a method in getting your daily CBD fix that will work for you perfectly.

hemp oil from new zealand

However, you have to be wary of the legal issues surrounding cannabis because that may be your downfall if you rush in too quickly without doing your research and familiarizing with applicable laws that can affect your business. From federal laws to state provisions, there are so many things to look into that may end up as loopholes if you stay ignorant about them.

A cannabis oil business may end up closing down if you fail to meet all the necessary criteria in running your cannabis business. Some do not even have to set up a physical store because you can also sell CBD oil on the web. There are CBD businesses that collaborate with doctors, so their patients end up buying from these businesses rather than scout the market for cannabis sellers.

Cannabidiol is the name of the active ingredient in these oil preparations, by the way.

You can read more about the specifics of the CBD compound at this WebMD page.

Since the industry is still young, it is inevitable to encounter many issues with your business but do not let it discourage you from pursuing your dreams. There is real money here as long as you know what you are doing.

Backed by NZ’s new cannabis regulations, there are still a lot of grey areas that you’d likely navigate as you go along with your business but you also can’t just ignore its big potential. All businesses have risks. If you are too scared to take risks, then you might also miss out on big pay-offs.

Only when the legal technicalities are ironed out and scientists show solid proof on the medical merits of cannabis will it be easier for cannabis entrepreneurs as they no longer have to constantly worry about breaking the law and losing their business and money that are constant threats they face until today. The demand for cannabis in New Zealand alone is huge.

If you want your piece of the pie, you have to act now or miss out on the chance to establish your business first and capture your own customer base. You can always learn as you go along, just make sure you are careful before deciding on anything to avoid costly mistakes. Enjoy the ride and benefit from all the healthy goodness CBD oil has to offer as well as make money on the side too. It’s a win-win for you as more and more of NZ’s people become conscious of their health and aspire to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Sun CBD’s new website is probably the best place to buy CBD oil NZ.

Sun CBD uses whole-plant organic extracts to produce their products, and most kiwis have loved their quality so far.

You can find all kinds of reviews online where people are ranting and raving about how good their formulas are.

cbd oil nz

Before purchasing online, you will want to make sure the cannabis oil you are ordering has certain attributes, however.

Wherever you decide to go to get your hemp extracts, make sure the supplier is reputable and using best manufacturing practices when handling their inventory.

It was recently reported that certain vendors in Auckland were not really keeping their stock as clean as they really should.

They were issued a warning and have since gotten their place in shape- but make sure you watch out for these types of grimy individuals when you are buying online.

This is one reason why we like the Sun brand so much- they don’t suffer from any of these flaws.

Their top tincture is known as the new-and-improved Hemp Legacy CBD Oil – 2,000 mg which many users have reported as being absolutely top-notch.

You can read all about what exactly goes into these formulations at their about page.

cannabidiol molecule

How CBD Oil Can Benefit Various Conditions

Whether you decide to use it recreationally or medically, cannabis has a lot to offer. However, it is medical CBD that deserves our respect and attention because it keeps on producing results.

If you look at the sheer number of people whose lives have forever been touched by cannabis, you’d be astounded. It may be considered to be just a natural remedy but it can cure you of various ailments and even help you overcome your bouts of depression. No need to wallow in self-pity and get even more depressed when you can easily buy CBD oil from your local health store in New Zealand or from a legitimate cannabis dispensary. Of course, you’ll have to consult your doctor first because of certain drug interactions especially if you plan on keeping your current treatment plan but rest assured that CBD has little to no side effects that you should be worried about.

CBD is responsible for all the health goodness you can get from cannabis.

It is one of the active natural compounds found in the plant next to THC.

THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol as known medically is the most abundant compound in cannabis but it is also responsible for its negative reputation in the past. You may ask why, it’s because THC has psychoactive properties and it is highly addicting too. It is intoxicating and New Zealanders once dubbed it a gateway drug because using it can lead to later addictions to more powerful drugs like cocaine.

Meanwhile, CBD is the second most abundant compound and is quite a recent discovery, maybe a few decades ago.

It possesses a lot of healing properties minus the psychoactive properties that THC has. People are actually amazed that it works on different ailments and is generally safe too since it does not have a lot of side effects. The most popular product is CBD oil and has been selling non-stop since it was first released in the market. Other CBD products are also available but it is CBD oil that tops the list, perhaps because of its versatility in terms of delivery.

Now, how can you tap on CBD’s anti-depressant properties? Depression is actually a disability since it limits a person in doing the things they like and have to do like daily chores, school, and work.

It is estimated that New Zealand’s residents have benefited from multiple aspects of cannabis oil & CBD, however(not just the “anti-depressant” effects of these hemp extracts).

cannabis plants

Rather than take your usual antidepressant that can lead to more mood swings, insomnia, and even affect your sex life, a natural remedy like CBD oil(a.k.a “cannabidiol”) won’t just lift up your mood but help you overcome your anxiety and depression naturally. A 2014 study revealed that CBD’s interaction with serotonin receptors, one of the receptors found in the brain and dubbed as the happy hormone makes it an effective tool against depression.

A serotonin imbalance can cause a person to become unhappy and negatively impact their emotional state, which is why medical CBD’s ability to keep this delicate balance of serotonin may be the key to finally beating depression.

Often times depression and pain can go together.

There is a great overview of how CBD can help people with pain in this article from Health.com.

CBD’s anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties have been observed in several animal trials since 2014 until the present.

Its ability to ward off the negative impacts of stress has been seen to work for both the short-term and the long-term and it can work quite fast too. No need to worry about getting hooked on CBD oil after taking it for quite some time since the experts discovered that it works without directly activating the endocannabinoid (ECS) receptors found on the brain.

Researchers in New Zealand have been studying the ECS to determine just how CBD oil effects it specifically.

The ECS plays a major role to our health since it regulates different body processes and is usually found in the brain and the immune system, which is why a positive interaction with the ECS can lead to a happier, healthier, and better you.

The major downside to cannabis is the lack of solid scientific evidence proving its claims.

However, this is expected since the experts rarely gave attention to it before, thus there aren’t a lot of studies involving cannabis but that is changing now. With legislation being passed in favor of CBD in various states all over the country, scientists are forced to delve deeper into medical CBD to have a clearer understanding of why and how it works and to ensure that quality is upheld all the time.

A lot of NZ residents have been taking CBD oil and hemp oil daily to help with various ailments.

This works well for end consumers since they can be sure that they are safe when using CBD oil while at the same time getting healed from whatever sickness they are suffering from – whether it is physical or physiological such as the case of depression.

Don’t underestimate depression because it can cripple you for life- along with all of the other various health ailments that plague kiwis on a daily basis.

Get help and tap on CBD oil’s healing potential because you do not need to suffer this bad and this long if nature has the answer to your health woes after all.

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