Coastline Kratom Review

coastline kratom
Coastline is a popular brand of Kratom that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately after their release of a large line of Mitragyna Speciosa products.

Coastline Kratom currently stocks a large variety of different strains and strain colors.

In this quick review we will be going over our overall experience with the company and their offerings.

Products By Coastline Kratom

Fortunately for its customers, Coastline carries a huge variety of different Kratom products.

They have the typical Kratom leaf powders, extract-enhanced Kratom powders, and even variety packs that allow you to sample various strains in small quantities(to figure out what you personally like).

Beyond that, you can even buy live Kratom plants from Coastline now.

Here below are just a few of their most popular products.

1.) Green Malay – View Product Here


Malaysian Kratom is known for its potency and deep, full-spectrum alkaloid profile that many people prefer the effects of.

This Green Malay strain from Coastline is no exception.

Perhaps its most popular product to date, this plain Kratom leaf product is ground into a fine powder after being picked from the jungles of Southeast Asia.

It is then dried and cured in a typical “green color” drying process for Kratom leaves.

This Green Malay powder consistently ranks as one of Coastline’s most sold items.

Many users have reported that its effects are very “clean” and smooth, in addition to being potent.

These are the main reasons why this strain is so well-liked by so many.

2.) Red Bali – View Product Here

Red Vein Bali Kratom Coastline

Red Bali is always a fan-favorite at nearly every Kratom out there- and Coastline’s version is no different.

Preferred by people who like a “deep red” type of effect from their Kratom, this leaf powder has rich effects that any Mitragyna Speciosa enthusiast is sure to love.

It might not be quite as energizing as Green Malay, but Coastline’s Red Bali strain still has its place in anyone’s rotation.

3.) Ua Enhanced Borneo – View Product Here


Some people simply prefer Kratom that is enhanced with extract so that they can take a little bit less overall powder to get the same level of mitragynine(one of the main active ingredients in kratom) in their dose.

This Ua Enhanced Borneo powder features Borneo Kratom that has been enhanced with a high-grade extract to produce a super potent product.

The taste is somewhat bitter but that’s what comes with using this type of product(no matter who you buy it from).

This is a great treat for anyone who want something more potent.

4.) Beginner’s Pack – View Product Here

coastline kratom beginners pack

If you are just starting out and looking to sample a variety of different Kratom leaf powders, check out Coastline’s “Beginner’s Pack”.

This variety pack allows you to get 25 grams of each of these 3 strains: Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, and White Vein Bali.

In addition to that, you have the option to pick whether you want it in regular powder or capsule form.

Coastline’s Customer Service

We have dealt with Coastline’s customer service department on several occasions.

Once was to ask them about various aspects of their products to figure out what was right for us to buy, and the other time we wanted to figure out when we could expect our package to arrive.

Both times we contacted them they were courteous and responded promptly.

In addition, they offer both phone and e-mail support which gives you some convenience regarding what you would personally like to use to talk to them.

Unlike many other unscrupulous companies in this space, we never found Coastline to be rude, demanding, or “scammers” in any way.

Overall we have had a great experience with the company’s CS department and they have been 100% professional when processing our orders and requests.

Overall Star Rating: 5/5

5 star rating

It is hard to beat a company that provides a huge line of various Kratom products in all types and strain colors.

A massive variety of different product is one thing Coastline most definitely excels at.

And in addition to carrying regular Kratom leaf powder, enhanced Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, live plants, and variety packs- Coastline has really set a new standard when it comes to potency and the “clean effects” that their products tend to have.

For all of these reasons and more, we have to give Coastline Kratom a 5/5 star review, meaning they are one of the best companies out there in this space.

Their most popular products are probably their Green Malay and Red Bali strains.

Beyond just having great products, they also have great customer service and a solid reputation among customers.

In our anecdotal research of consumers in this space, pretty much anyone who tries Coastline’s products ends up being a return customer.

>> Click Here To Visit The Coastline Kratom Website

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