Tropic Health Club Kratom Review

The Tropic Health Club’s Kratom products have been popping up on the internet more and more lately in various places so we decided to try them out.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with their product quality and current offers.

In this quick review we go over various aspects of this company.

They have a lot to offer in terms of product quality(i.e. potency and “smoothness” of their powder’s effects) and that’s the main reason the Tropic Health brand is surging in popularity so much lately.

Products By Tropic Health Club Kratom

There are currently 2 main Kratom products offered by Tropic Health which are 1.) their Red Maeng Da strain and 2.) their Green Energy strain.

They also have a CBD oil product that you can buy and a large bundle that includes Kratom and CBD.

So far, we have only tried their Kratom strains so we can’t really comment on their CBD(we plan on reviewing that in the future).

1.) Red Maeng Da Kratom – View Product Here

red maeng da Kratom tropic health club

The Red Maeng Da or “MD” strain offered by Tropic Health is a great strain for pain and other uses.

This strain is their flagship product for people who want a “slower” effect and it has gotten great reviews in general by most customers.

2.) Green Energy Kratom – View Product Here

green energy kratom tropic health club

This Green Kratom strain offered by Tropic Health is known as their “Green Energy” strain and it is favored by people looking for a stimulating boost to help them focus and get things done.

Tropic Health Club’s Customer Service

Tropic Health’s customer service is second-to-none in our experience.

They offer both email and phone support to all customers and prospective buyers.

If you ever have any issues with your order you can easily contact them to get things straightened out.

They also seem to very reasonable and nice.

Free Shipping On All Kratom Orders

Obviously this is a HUGE bonus in the Kratom space, since most vendors are not giving free shipping on any orders most of the time- let alone on each and every order, regardless of size.

This alone saves you a lot of money.

Overall Review

5 stars

We give the Tropic Health Club’s Kratom products a 5 out of 5 star review overall.

Their Red Maeng Da and Green Energy Kratom strains are really all you need as a regular Kratom user.

These strains have great quality(meaning they are just as high in potency as pretty much any Kratom product out there on the market today), do not make you feel “crappy” in any way, come with great quality checks, and their customer service & free shipping are also great bonuses.

>> Click Here To Visit The Tropic Health Club Website

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